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30.05 - 01.06 2019


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New Performance Capacities of Hovercraft to be Presented at the International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS

Unique characteristic feature of the hovercraft is ability to move over water surface by means of air bag, created by the movement of the air flow under the lower part of the vessel. The air pressurized by the engine can lift the vessel not only over water but also over snow or any other surface.

Easiness of control and affordability made hovercraft a popular transport for water races in the USA and other countries. And now one can estimate hovercraft performance capacities also in Ukraine at the Boat & Yacht Show IBYS.

The show will take place on the territory of the restaurant-hotel complex and yacht club Chervona Kalyna (Druzhby Narodiv Park, Vatutin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine).

To get more information about the show and to order free invitation ticket please visit the official website: www.ibys.info.

IBYS on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ibys.info.

Organizers: Kyiv International Contract Fair and yacht club Chervona Kalyna.



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