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International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS: video

The 1st working day of the Boat & Yacht Show IBYS: solemn opening ceremony, presentation of the flying jet pack Jetlev-flyer, bank and water exposition of yachts, boats and motor boats; presentation of the luxurious yacht Princess, demonstration rounds of hovercrafts and many other shows.


The 2nd International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS: photo report

The 2nd International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS 2012, which will be held till the 19th of May inclusive, features yachts, boats, motor boats, barges and hydrocycles of diverse models; hovercrafts (air cushion vessels) that can hover not only above water surface but also above land; jet packs that allow a single user to fly at the height of 8-10 meters over the water surface. The Show is being held in the yacht-club Chervona Kalyna (Druzhby Narodiv park, Kyiv) and consists of 2 expositions: bank and water ones, thus providing the possibility to make water test drives of the machinery.


The 2nd edition of the International Boat and Yacht Show IBYS is opened in Kyiv

On May, 17
the official opening of the 2nd edition of the International Boat and Yacht Show IBYS took place in Kyiv. The show gathered the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water vehicles, equipment and accessories for them.


New Performance Capacities of Hovercraft to be Presented at the International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS

Through May 17-19 the International Boat & Yacht Show IBYS will feature presentation and test drive of hovercraft (air cushion vessel) provided by the Artel company.


Jetpacks and luxury yachts to be shown at IBYS on May, 17-19

On May, 17-19 Kyiv will host the 2nd edition of the International Boat and yacht Show IBYS. The participants of the exhibition are suppliers and manufacturers of water transport will present the best model of luxury yachts and boats, and will let the visitors learn the innovative ways of water rest.


International Boat and yacht show will start on the 17th of May

The 2nd International Boat and Yacht Show IBYS will take place on May, 17-19 in Kyiv. It will represent the best models of water transport, equipment and accessories for different kinds of boats and yachts,  construction,  keeping and maintenance services for water transport, water sports and also insurance and  logistics services for the owners of yachts and boats.


В Киеве успешно состоялась выставка яхт и катеров IBYS

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26-28 мая в Киеве, на территории яхт-клуба «Червона Калина», состоялась первая международная выставка яхт и катеров IBYS, которая совместила в себе береговую и водную экспозицию техники для передвижения по воде, а также представила разнообразие оборудования и аксессуаров к ней.

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